Body Contouring

Body Contouring is a safe, non-surgical treatment that combines natural biological medicine with the latest technology in the cosmetic field to eliminate fat, sculpt, and tone the body at the same time. It can be used from spot fat reduction and lipo-sculpting to obesity.



    A meeting with one of our specialists to discuss goals, any conditions and/or concerns, etc. that the client may have in order to reach these goals at the fastest and safest pace possible. Includes photos and an individual healthy habit eating program.


    Using a combination of different machines with different supporting techniques.


Slim Sculpting

This machine uses a manually manipulated hand-piece to create suction around the problem area, lifting the fat and cellulite away from the muscle, and shaping the body in two ways. One, by transporting the broken down fat to the lymphatic channels so that it can be eliminated through the body’s own excretory system, and two, by relocating the fat in specific areas to give contour to the body.

Dream Slim

This machine is used to reproduce the process that occurs when our brains tell our muscles to contract. When a muscle is contracted, our brain first sends a signal, which excites the motor nerve, transmitting the information to the area immediately around the muscle and triggering the muscle contraction. In the case of Dream Slim, excitation occurs directly on the motor nerve using electrical pulses perfectly adapted to guarantee effectiveness, safety, and comfort in use. In fact, muscles can not tell the difference between a voluntary contraction (those triggered by the brain) and an electrically induced contraction. Toning and firming the muscle is a very important part in the overall weight loss process.


With a focused ultrasound application, your fat cells will be literally bombarded with precision levels of energy, which results in the body’s fat cells absorbing this ultrasound energy, and the structure basically breaking down into a liquid, which is then naturally eliminated from the body.